CPF Investment Scheme - Introduction of CPFIS Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ)

Under enhancements announced by the government in March 2018, the CPF Board will be introducing a Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ) as part of the process in opening CPFIS accounts from 1st August 2018. The SAQ is to help CPF members decide whether CPFIS is suitable for them by providing them with feedback on their financial knowledge.

Members can participate in the CPFIS after taking the SAQ, regardless of the results. CPF members who already have a CPFIS account are not required to, but are still strongly encouraged to take the SAQ.

If you plan to invest, or continue investing under CPFIS - Special Account (CPFIS-SA) from 1st August 2018, you can proceed as long as you have done any one of the following:


The CPFIS SAQ will be available on the CPF website via SingPass login from 1st August 2018. You may complete and retrieve your SAQ certification through the following:

Accessing SAQ

1)      Go to www.cpf.gov.sg

2)      Click on "Tools".

3)      Expand the "Assessment Tools" tab and click on "CPFIS Self-Awareness Questionnaire".

Retrieving SAQ Status

1)      Go to www.cpf.gov.sg

2)      Click on "CPF Schemes".

3)      Expand the "Optimising my CPF" tab and click on "CPF Investment Schemes".

4)      Click on "Resources" tab, and check your SAQ status under "Assessment Tools".


For more details, please refer to the CPF Website.

To update your CPFIS account to your trading account, kindly provide your SAQ certification to your servicing representative.